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favorite foreign film? best thing to watch on netflix right now?

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Picking one favorite foreign film is damn near impossible (and cruel, just cruel to ask, you should be ashamed of yourself, anon!) so how about I just recommend a few foreign films to watch on Netflix Instant?

In the House, Downfall, Das Boot, The Attack, Dead Snow, The Act of Killing, Nobody Knows, The Best of Youth, The Intouchables, En La Cama, Jagten (The Hunt), Adrift in Tokyo, BaranNight Watch, Shaolin Soccer, Blancanieves, Children of Heaven, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet and Something in the Air.

There are obviously a lot of popular foreign titles on Netflix Instant (Amélie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Days of Being Wild, etc), so I’ve avoided mentioning those. I figured you’d either know them already or find them easier than the ones I’ve recommended above. Happy viewing!

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