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This may not be your area, but should I switch to blue-ray? It seems like it's become the new standard.

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It depends on the film and the quality of the transfer. Some older films for example do not have very good blu-ray transfers, and if it’s poor quality, they may not be worth the investment. Before I buy a blu-ray copy of a classic film, I usually read the product description to see details about the transfer, whether sound was remastered or the picture quality (color correction, print quality, etc) is vastly improved. I don’t buy blu-rays of films that aren’t totally cinematic either. A screwball comedy or a rom-com on blu-ray doesn’t exactly offer anything mind-blowing to the viewer. Unless they include special features like director commentary, behind the scenes production featurettes or other cool bonus content, the blu-ray copy of these genres isn’t usually worth splurging on. I usually buy blu-rays of action/adventure, science fiction and fantasy films, only because these particular genres tend to incorporate better sound quality and high-def picture a lot more than others. If a film is available on blu-ray from the Criterion Collection, I would recommend getting that copy as Criterion does a really great job with their remastering and some of their releases even have a “director-approved” seal of approval indicating best quality.