The Film Fatale

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People have asked me, ‘What is it about monsters?’ And so you give it some thought, and for thousands of millions of years we’ve been surrounded by nature and every day there was this threat that The Animal’s gonna come and maybe kill our family, or destroy our huts or our caves or whatever. And only recently have we built these big cities and our caves have become 350-feet high, but still deep in our DNA we have this belief that The Animal’s coming. And we’ve had it too good for too long, like any moment now The Animal’s gonna come. And as the caves get bigger, the fear of The Animal gets bigger, literally. And so Godzilla, I think, taps into something that’s very primal. This shouldn’t work - you should not be able to release a movie with a giant monster and have everyone go see it. They should just go ‘That’s stupid’. But it feels right. It feels like, ‘Yeah I knew he was coming. I knew it. I knew we’ve had it too good.’

Director Gareth Edwards on why Godzilla continues to be relevant (x)