The Film Fatale

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I think Spielberg has become a great director. And I’m not using the word ‘great’ like Variety uses the word ‘great,’ I mean of all time. I think two of the greatest American movies every made are E.T. and Schindler’s List. Those are two great movies in the classic sense of the word. E.T., even though it’s very different kind of movie in that it’s not ‘serious,’ is one of the most beautiful, perfectly-made movies I’ve ever seen. An extraordinary piece of work. Nobody knows who hasn’t tried it, how hard it is to make a fantasy work. Film is a very literal medium…and when that group of bicycles took off, my heart just leapt, as did the whole audience the night I saw it. The whole place just screamed and cheered and applauded…the sense of emotional release that you had from that, the sense that they were going to win—that’s great moviemaking!

Director Sidney Lumet on Steven Spielberg (x)

My favorite and preferred step between imagination and image is a strip of photochemistry that can be held, twisted, folded, looked at with the naked eye, or projected on to a surface for others to see. It has a scent and it is imperfect. If you get too close to the moving image, it’s like impressionist art. And if you stand back, it can be utterly photo-realistic. You can watch the grain, which I like to think of as the visible, erratic molecules of a new creative language. After all, this ‘stuff’ of dreams is mankind’s most original medium, and dates back to 1895. Today, its years are numbered, but I will remain loyal to this analogue art-form until the last lab closes.

Director Steven Spielberg, on the subject of shooting on film (x)