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Some unsolicited thoughts on Teen Wolf:

  1. Everyone on this show is annoying but Stiles and Lydia. Dylan O’Brien should be the star of this show, as he’s clearly the only likable one. 
  2. I can’t deal with Scott’s emo-ness. 
  3. Lydia is fabulous but does not get enough screen time. More please. She came up with the idea of making a molotov cocktail in chem lab for crying out loud. Can you say Walter White protégé?
  4. Colton Haynes, you’re so pretty, but man do you know how to overact.
  5. Bring back Peter the Alpha. 
  6. Nice music, MTV. Now if you only played music more than you do reality TV shows, we’d still be friends.
  7. Colton Haynes, dial it down. But please continue to be shirtless. 
  8. Allison, enough with the righteous indignation. 
  9. Lydia knows archaic Latin. Your argument is invalid.
  10. Tyler Hoechlin’s bit in the season 2 opening credits is mesmerizing.
  11. Also mesmerizing, Gage Golightly’s sleepy eyes. Can’t. Stop. Staring. 
  12. Scott, your girlfriend just told you she can take care of herself. Stop smothering her.
  13. Yes, Colton Haynes. You’re everyone’s type.