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An alien philosophy

We like aliens. I love aliens. I’m obsessed with them. I’ve made it a point to see every movie that’s released about aliens. It’s no surprise then that yet another alien movie was released–and not just any alien movie, but of course, a remastered version of the 1978 Philip Kaufman movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers and 1993′s Body Snatchersas well. The Invasion is a Joel Silver-produced movie starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

I think it’s impossible for Daniel Craig to not be great in a movie. I think the same of Nicole Kidman as well. Both of them have great charisma on screen and they definitely have some chemistry; which is why putting both of them together makes for a good movie. The Invasion is a pretty good remake. Of course, to purists, the original will always be of sentimental value, but this remake actually holds its own. It’s suspenseful, beautifully shot, and well-cast.

Nicole Kidman delivers a great performance as Carol Bennell, a psychiatrist who tries to flee from a growing invasion of an alien species, which unfortunately starts with her ex-husband. Daniel Craig also shines in the movie, although I would have liked more screen time for him.

Overall it’s a good popcorn movie, but it also raises a couple of interesting questions. The premise behind the film is that the aliens are trying to convince people that being “turned” would be ultimately best for the world is because it would eliminate war and a lot of other conflicts. People will be less inclined to act on their drives to rape and pillage and therefore it would be a better society. Seems like a good argument, but that would mean taking away what makes us essentially human: choice. So no, Mr Alien Species, we’re not going to let you transmit your alien cells to us, thank you.