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Sons of Anarchy is snubbed at The Emmys again. Maggie Siff should have at least gotten nominated for Supporting Actress, and Charlie Hunnam should have been nominated as Lead Actor in a Drama Series. I love Dexter, but Michael C. Hall again? Last season wasn’t exactly his best (let alone the show’s best). And no nom for Lena Headey in Game of Thrones? Atrocious.There’s also the absence of Michael Pitt as a nominee for Supporting Actor for Boardwalk Empire. Much as I love Downton Abbey, I think Pitt deserved a nom much more than Jim Carter (I still love you, Mr. Carson). The Emmys seem to forget that there are other excellent actors on Boardwalk Empire other than Steve Buscemi. Gretchen Mol and Kelly MacDonald, Michael Shannon, Michael Stuhlbarg…the list is endless! And Andrew Lincoln as Lead Actor (Drama) for The Walking Dead, where was this? Shameless is also overlooked again. I’d say even Michael Emerson could have been nominated for Person of Interest. Finally, probably the biggest snub that I can think of is Joel Kinnaman from The Killing. He’s consistently amazing and yet perpetually overlooked.

Year after year it’s the same group of people from the same shows, even when they aren’t necessarily putting on the best performances. The only real surprise is anyone from Downton Abbey being nominated, and good for them! The rest are all predictable nominations.

Basically, screw the Emmys.